Terms of Service

By using OpenBOT you are accepting our Terms of Use.


  1. You CAN NOT break xat's Terms of Service
  2. You CAN NOT use the bot for abuse, exploits, glitches or bugs
  3. You CAN NOT use the bot for illegal activities
  4. You CAN NOT share your passwords, e-mails or whatever is related to your account
  5. You CAN NOT resell our bots, since it is free this should be kept
  6. You CAN NOT say you are OpenBOT staff if you are not


  1. Your account is entirely your responsibility
  2. All accounts stored on our server is encrypted and no one has access to them


  1. All donations made are public and can be viewed on our home page
  2. Donations are non-refundable, it is up to you to decide what you is doing
  3. We save donation transactions for our safety


  1. We have the right to revoke your access, ban, block or delete your account at any time
  2. If you break our Terms of Service you can and will be blocked from our system
  3. We have the right to change our terms of use at any time
  4. Our service is completely free and will stay that way
  5. In case of downtime we may not be responsible, as we use paid servers, they may undergo some kind of maintenance at any time, even if this is rare
Last edit: 2019/12/18, 02:28 am